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I don't limit my thoughts to flow in a particular area..I let them go wherever they want ..i never stop my observing power and my pen to jot down the facts in an embellished way.
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Mysticism a spiritual concentration that leads one beyond the senses and intellect into a super conscious state of ecstatic rapture, where the union of the self takes place with the Divine Power. Literature, since ages is recording these experiences and unveiling these divine pleasure...
How many of us get true love in life? And how many of us get along with our loved ones for a long time? This fear of separation keep scaring us. We need to get out of this fear with trust and hope.
Lord Buddha gave his third Sermon known as The Fire Sermon. where he tells his bhikshus that everything in present age is burning. Burning into fire of lust,desires and power.What is the way out?When is the end to these sufferings?we don't know because we are in the clutches of false ...
Our lost values of life are still preserved in good literature.To make life simple and push it out of chaotic mess which surrounds us a good piece of literature is always waiting for us like a magic mirror.Where in every tale you can find yourself and make things simpler.:)
Where lies the soul of a person?His Profession, his loved ones, his work or his interests.It is hard to find what is your preference in life?what is that which gives peace to your heart..YOU NEED TO FIND OUT THIS TRUTH WHICH HIDES IN YOU!!!
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