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I am introverted and enjoy spending time in quite places and thus I have adopted reading as a second nature and I have just now began to write and I love to cook.
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Working is expected from every individual to contribute to the economy and after one has worked for several years then retirement is inevitable and so many people get depressed after going through this.
It's very hard to know what a woman wants in her man and basically what attracts her to him.
It is the desire of most people to have a baby and its gets so painful when one of the parties is infertile. There is hope to hold a baby in your arms and have a family of your own.
As long as you work then you get to pay the taxes. Have you ever thought about the life of an auditor and the fact that they are responsible in ensuring that you pay up what you owe the government?
When the body is wounded, the right foods should be eaten to quicken the healing process. Proteins are necessary as they build muscles and tissues in the body.
If you are looking forward to exploring the wilderness, then you need to be prepared so that you enjoy yourself without being stranded in the middle of nowhere
chapatti is a delicacy that is easy to cook and can be eaten with tea or a stew and is liked by most people who have tried it.
A teenager is not a child or an adult and this can be a very difficult transitional period for an individual as well as the parent or guardian. Being able to talk about issues is very important at this time.
Respecting oneself is good and that extends to the ability to respect other people and their property.This can be learned from an early age
Water is life and since our body is almost 90% water we should keep it replenished by drinking clean water every day.This is the healthiest natural beverage available and we should consume it daily.
Parents are a vessel that brings us to this world and in a way we owe them a lot in the effort that they put for us to be the people that we become. There is only so much that you can put up with exploitative parents and so you need to know how to say no to being exploited without fee...
Education is the best investment in today's world that cannot be stolen. Once you educate an individual you give them the whole world.
We all need medical care and choosing your medical care giver is a very important decision. What happens when you have doubts about the advice given by your doctor and when is it time to ask for a second opinion?
You can lie to everybody else but yourself. When the day is done and you are by yourself then the true person immerges, the inner man without pretense or a mask. So how can you truly know an individual and what molds a person to be who they are?
As long as one is breathing then stress is part of being human, it can be described simply as not being completely comfortable in a situation that causes anxiety of some kind. Stress if not managed can kill
The internet has become a must in our everyday life whether its just emails or chat or more complex needs like shopping online or research for a paper through the online library website.
An egg is a complete protein and contains vitamin D naturally and takes a very short time to cook. it is one of the easiest food to cook.
Some people will love you only if you fit in a certain condition that they can be able to use you to their advantage.
A five year old is at the peak of innocence and so eager to learn and this is the prime time to teach her and guide her to become a well rounded individual. Take time to know her because very soon she will outgrow that stage.
Kale is a beautiful green vegetable that have all that amazing antioxidant goodness and should be consumed at least three times a week. Kale is an easy vegetable to cook and can be eaten with a variety of other foods.
A cup of tea can be very refreshing first thing in the morning or after a tiring stressful day. It takes only a few minutes to prepare and contains a lot of antioxidants that are good for your general health.
Have you ever been in need and a stranger came by and assisted you without asking for anything in return? Thank you to all those helpful strangers out there and please carry it forward.
When going through a problem its looks like it will last for ever, it's good to hold on as soon enough things will work out and you will be happy again.
It is unfortunate to have to spend endless hours with a selfish person especially if you are not in a position to just walk away...... so how do you remain happy and sane in this situation?
Noise can be very frustrating because you can’t control it and this can be a major cause of anxiety. In a society where you live with others, this becomes an issue that needs addressing. How do you overcome noise anxiety?
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