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Hello! I'm Nathalie and I love writing about what makes my world tick! Fashion, weddings, interior design, health, property..You name it, I will write about it!
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How to combat the distractions and living constraints to create a peaceful and relaxing environment that encourages deep and restful sleep.
Easy to follow tips & tricks for getting summer ready skin.
A ladies guide to surviving and prospering at your work Christmas party, whether you're the office newbie or a seasoned office veteran.
Thousands of people immigrate from the UK each year. Who are they? And where are they going? Here we'll be looking at the current state of Britons around the world.
We find cause to get together and celebrate the record-breaking reign of Queen Elizabeth II, but without an excuse, the British find it difficult to simply enjoy each others company. Are we socially stagnating, or is this the way is has always been?
While the summer may now be coming to an end, now is the ideal time to make that commitment to being in tip-top shape next summer. Make sure that you treat your body with the utmost respect and ensure that you recover as quickly as possible. Here are my 5 top tips on recovering as qui...
We all know just how much the summer months can test your resolve to exercise. Here are some of my top tips to ensure that you commit to a dedicated fitness regime and avoid the temptation of a quick trip to the pub with friends.
No matter how we spend our days, what we do for work, or who we interact with on a daily basis, we all encounter some form of stress. Stress can be debilitating for some people, and the prospect of confronting it at work or at school can be difficult, especially if it’s for reasons ...
Whether you’re planning on doing some travelling, heading to a music festival, hitting up the beach or just relaxing at home, the summertime is special. It’s scientifically proven that the sun’s UV rays help brighten up our mood and can almost magically change the Monday morning...
A car accident can be an extremely frightening experience. Injuries aside, there’s the permanent damage to your car to worry about, as well as the financial costs. I've been in this situation before, and it can be frightening. It’s not something we ever want to think about, but w...
Starting your nursery can seem like a tall order, but working with children is immensely rewarding and can help you create solid ties with your local community. Nurseries are excellent for helping children acclimatise to their impending school years, from both an educational and socia...
Given the time I’ve spent looking into this I wanted to share my findings to help any other folk who might be struggling to understand this baffling world!
After moving into your new house it may start to feel empty pretty soon. You don't have to spend a fortune on making it a home however, here are some ideas to help you furnish your house as you wish without breaking the bank!
Why you should focus on local and independent retailers for your Christmas shopping this year.
Top tips on how to make the small rooms in your home appear bigger, creating a lovely spacious environment that you wouldn't believe possible. This is especially important in the living room, where you spend the most of your time both with your family and with guests.
Discover the health benefits and reasons to buy a hot tub for your home.
T-shirt season is coming to an end and the moment to switch the heating on is almost upon us. With bills increasing, here are a few tips on how to winter-proof your homes so you do not spend more than you have to during the cold months.
Simplify organising and storing your medicines to ensure that you keep your children safe, take medicine correctly and have the medical supplies that you need, when you need them. Putting some time and thought into how best to store your medicine may seem like a waste of time to you ...
It seems every other phone call and text message received these days is from some company encouraging us to make a claim against mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) and such is the bombardment of communication from these agencies that it can be easy to write the whole concept ...
In 2012 Google launched a yearlong campaign to get Welsh businesses online, along with the Get British Businesses Online campaign. With the internet economy representing 8% of the UK GDP, the campaign aims to highlight the importance of having an online presence and helps small compan...
The sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a largely unspoiled, charming oasis of ancient architecture, sandy beaches and a truly individual culture. One of the country’s biggest draws is the laid back lifestyle of Cypriot villagers, however as one Paphos village faces the threat o...
What can you do to increase the safety of your money while travelling? Keep reading for some practical tips to keep your money safe, as well as information on the different ways to pay abroad.
We hear so much about extreme weather that it almost seems to be becoming the norm. However, what we should be asking is, what causes it, how does it affect us and what can we do about it?
OK. What’s the job that most Britons would love to have? Go on- guess. Is it chief chocolate taster at Harrods or ‘spontaneity champion' where will give you £50,000 worth of travel and expenses for just a few blogs about your travel experiences. Surprisingly it is ...
Do you buy British? Is it easy to do? How may of us actually do it and is it important? Join me here for the low down on buying British.
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