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A mother, a musician, a teacher, a writer... in that order.

Life inspires me to write.
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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on jewelry cleaning agents. You can make your own cleaner for a fraction of the cost.
The development of ringworm in cats is influenced by both genetics and environmental factors. According to some studies, certain cat breeds are more prone to ringworm than other breeds.
Looking for a better way to store and share your files? Google has a solution for this. Check out the features offered by this free Google tool.
Edit images from your iPhone or iPad using these photo editing apps you can download from iTunes.
Chenille throws make wonderful and lasting gifts. Wouldn't you want to get one for a loved one or even for yourself a gift that can last for years?
Your home entertainment system and Smart TV can really do more than just entertaining with sights and sounds. It can provide social connectivity and more through available apps online.
The Xperia TL is equipped with 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor,1GB of RAM, and runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) software which results in quick and fluid response in terms of handling applications and multitasking abilities.
Different mobile users have different needs and preferences when it comes to mobile gadgets. Let us take a closer look at what the IOS 6 has to offer.
You are perhaps accustomed to coffee, drinking soda, fruit juices, and the like. Something new that you should try out is green tea. But is it safe to drink it daily?
Zumba can give a perfect cardiovascular workout, wherein you are able to burn practically 450 calories an hour.
When your wedding party list has already been filled and you still have friends you want to involve in the wedding celebration, here are some more wedding tasks you can assign to friends:
Do you wish to redesign your room or home into an Asian-inspired setting? Why not try making a Zen room?
Landscaping is a refreshing and a fulfilling hobby. You can have a simple landscaped yard or an elegant one. Here are some tried-and-tested tips that you can follow.
Despite all your best attempts at preventing colds, do you still suffer often from a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes? The culprit behind these may not be germs but the irritants in the air which may be causing your chronic colds.
Are you thinking of hiring home cleaning services? Here are some facts you should know before you employ your cleaners.
Roses are always popular. In whatever country you go, in any part of the world, a rose carries a universal charm in any culture.
Playing is very important, for it is the baby's initial step towards developing many skills needed for life.
If you adore the style of a classy boutique or a plush hotel room and you wish to recreate the similar look in your bedroom, it can be done with ease.
Learning to delegate the right tasks to the right individual helps you achieve more productivity.
When you manage your own home business, you would want to produce a good number of leads, since without leads you have no business.
In this age of video games, any opportunity for learning should not be left out and reading through ebooks is an excellent way for beginning readers to learn and fully develop their reading and comprehension skills.
All over the world birthdays are celebrated in many different ways, often grand if possible. People spend large amounts of money and time to plan and hold these special parties that last for a couple of hours.
Having to deal with complaining customers is a challenging proposition for a lot of professionals, but also remember that a complaint situation may also represent an opportunity; and not always a dilemma.
A good lighting plan for the bedroom is extremely essential when decorating.
Crayons can be recycled. If you have a stash of used and old crayons, you can turn them into something useful and decorative. Make candles out of used crayons.
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