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Hello I am Amanda ,a single mom of three children I love being a mom I also love writing I was born in los Angeles California but I reside in Alabama I can write just about any thing
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we are living in a world of news every time we look around there's always something happening,what do you think the world will be like ten years from now.
when tragedy strikes in a blink of an what would you do.would you follow your instincts or would you panic and react differently.
Music are for the souls,they make us feel ,all sorts of ways ,whether happy or sad or even cry ,usually we enjoyed them and knowing the meaning of the music.
World of crimes would it ever end ,my guess is no because their are too much negativity for it to ever end,it will only get worse.
traveling I love to travel ,have you ever wondered how it feels like to travel away from the united States .
what is it really like to be a celebrities do we really know if you think you.know think again there is them than we really think
Gambling, when we think of gambling ,we think of fun and money.but is gambling really what it's cut out to be.
money ,do we really know what money is? If you think you do , think again in this artical I will talk about it.
Have you ever wondered if all families are the same I did as a kid the Question is are all families the same or not are all parents heroes like we all thought as kids are every thing really like what it seems in this artical I will talk about it
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