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I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Published author, handmade jewelry maker and a artist. I'm a minister, child of God a people lover. I love to cook and invent my own recipes.
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Met my husband on Udate dating service, talked about three weeks, he proposed on the internet and I accepted, he came to meet me for first time and we got married a month later and have been married 12 years and still counting.
This poem is dedicated to all the babies that didn't live to speak for themselves. I am an advocate for babies and children and that's why I speak for them
I know that I am blessed is a true testimony, declaring how blessed I am every day that I can see a brand new day. To be thankful for every thing God has given me whether good or bad.
An inspirational poem encouraging someone that's down, uplifting and inspiring them to have confidence in themselves.
Why, I think gay couple shouldn't adopt children is a controversial issue that should be talked about. Same sex couples can offer the children a home and love but what happens when the children need a father and a mother to help to deal the mean cruel world that's out there.
When we find ourselves in losing relationships, we have to let go of them and never look back on them.
Thought are things and what you think matters a great deal. your thinking can bless you or curse. We should all be aware of negative thoughts and replace them with positive feedback.
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