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A counseling psychologist and an educationist . I am interested in writing on parenting and the youth
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Aging process is both mental and physical, Our mental attitude determines how you view your process.
How does one getting into addictive behaviors and how does one get out of addictive behaviors
Many people who get married do do not dream of divorce. Many would do anything to save their marriages. How can one save his or her marriage?
Rural living can be fun especially with great social support. This articles talks about some of the things the other enjoyed in rural living in Africa
Here are tips on how your can do your own landscape and come up something great. The benefits of do it yourself landscaping
Bereavement is a reality in life.While some people are handle bereavement successfully and even come out strong, others are not able to do so. in this article I look at the some of the reasons that could contribute to this difference and how bereaved persons can be helped through coun...
Kenya is a country in east Africa with different ethnic communities spread across the country. Each community has its way of cooking and the kind of food they love most. We look at the kind of food prepared by Ameru people, who live in the eastern part of the country, during wedding ...
taking care of the elderly people has great rewards but can also be challenging.It is therefore necessary for the caregivers to be aware of some of the challenges they are likely to encounter and how to handle these challenges without compromising the quality of life of the elderly ...
college students are mostly in young adulthood. Experience taught me the necessity of parents to monitor the career progress of their children at this age.
some of us are not aware that aging is a process in life cycle development. Self-awareness is crucial as one ages. This helps you to make good decisions and to avoid unnecessary stress.
What is the cost of friendship? Is it worth the cost? Friendship can be costly but it is worth the cost. Friendship is a form of investment and can have high returns
This article is about a couple that chose functional wedding accessories as they were determined to enjoy every moment during their wedding day, They wanted to be as free as possible to move around during the reception. They knew the secret lay in having comfortable shoes. They chose ...
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