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I'm a government employee as a Chemist. I would like to write about chemistry, home economics, religion, history, humor.
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This article list some of my favorite paid-to-click sites that you might try to spend some time clicking later on to earn some money. Anyway, you won't spend money joining, as long as you have time to spend, unless if you want to upgrade your type of membership later on, you'll have t...
To save more of what you earn, have enough discipline to control your luxury-loving tendencies, spend less for parties and non-essentials, and control you inclination to gamble and borrowing large sums of money not within your capacity to pay on time.
One day, the different parts of the body, the brain, legs, stomach, eyes and rectum argued over who is the boss among them.
The ideal way of cooking radish is to cook it in its own water without adding ghee(clarified butter) or oil to it. Follow instructions if you want to preserve the nutritional and medicinal qualities of radish while cooking it.
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