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More Hearts
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I am a mother of several adopted and foster children and a grandmother to many grandchildren. In my writing you will find my inner thoughts, feelings, and opinions on life.
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Recent pages by More Hearts

A shotrt poem about a couple meeting for the first time even though they were in turmoil.
About love and betrayal. Im sure everyone can relate to this.
A poem about allowing your inner light to shine and shed light on the people around you.
A short poem about music and someones love for the guitar.
A poem about two female cousins and how close their relationship is. It's a story of masking memories that last a lifetime.
A poem about my love for music and the joy it brings to my life. I hope you can find the same joy and peace i find in music by reading this.
A poem in remeberance of all loves lost. Whether it be your spouse, your sibling , or a dear friend this will touch the heart of anyone who has experienced love or loss.
A poem of love, acceptance, and reassurance. Hope is all thats needed to make any day brighter.
A short poem about love. A poem aabout the pain of betrayal. A poem of everyday life in love for the world full of lovers who have been burned by its flame
A poem about believiong in your strengths and weaknesses. aaaaaaalso about taking a different look at the things in your and to be grateful for the small things we unknowingly overlook.
A poem about giving to life even when it doesn't give back. Its also about the personal reward in having intergrity and a pure heart.
Tragic Circumstances creat hope and the will to survive. This poem is a story of exactly that the strength tragedy creates.
A short poem about missing someone you love. Inspirational and expressionalistic.
A short poem about a cheating spouse or domestic partner. About how much heart ache and devestation it causes and how it makes the innocent party feel.
A poem about seeing throught the eyes of a child. About how they see things without bias and negativity.
A poem about taking the time to see the beauty in all things, to be positive, and have hope for all things.
A lyrical duet written with the intent of the parts being sung by a male and a female. It is a story of potential break up and what can be done to stop the tragedy from occurring.
A poem of hope and promise. An inspirational look at loss and how to move on from tragedy.
A short lyrical writing about letting go of someone you love.
A short story of the childishness love brings out in people. Its about the things we do out of pride and lack of openmindedness that hurt the people we love the most.
A short writing about how a woman feels about her man. How deep feelings can run and how love brings joy to the soul.
Love , feeling, emotions of love, and yearning best describe this writing.
this writing like many of my others is about love and its ups and downs and written frimn a womans point of view...
A short writing about love and how it accepts all thing good, bad , or indifferent. How love can and should see through all things and remain strong through adversity.
About love and dedication. A show of appreciation from a woman to her Husband for all the things he brings to her life to enrich and nourish her soul.
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