Judith C Evans

Judith C Evans
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I have been writing freelance since 2009. Mostly, I write about alternative health and gardening; I love to write poetry as well.

I grew up in New York and New Hampshire, lived in Arizona for 5 years, and now live in Texas. I enjoy writing, blogging, crochet, knitting, gardening, reading, and cooking.
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In the previous chapter, Jenny visits the Lewis and Clark monment and overlook at Council Bluffs, Iowa. She cannot see him, but she senses the guiding spirit of Meriwether Lewis. In this chapter, Jenny continues her drive across the United States.
Jenny has realized that she is falling in love with her friend, Captain Meriwether Lewis, whom she has met in a series of dreams. On her cross-country drive, Jenny looks forward to seeing the Missouri River
After beginning her cross-country journey from New Hampshire to Las Vegas, Jenny looks forward to seeing the Missouri River. The spirit of explorer Meriwether Lewis, who has befriended her in a series of dreams, continues to guide her.
In the previous chapter, Jenny made plans for a drive across country. After losing her job and most of her belongings, Jenny set her sights on a fresh start in Las Vegas. Now, after house-sitting for 2 acquaintances, Jenny embarks on her journey.
In the previous chapter, Jenny, after a series of dream encounters, met explorer Meriwether Lewis while awake. Uneasy at first, she realized that he was a friend who could help her heal from her recent personal tragedies.
Most of us know forsythia for its yellow springtime blossoms. Read here about its little-known medicinal uses.
Safe, accessible natural remedies--even sunlight--can treat this skin condition
In Chapter 2, Jennifer began the bittersweet process of selling her possessions. In her dreams, the spirit of Meriwether Lewis continues to guide and reassure her.
Ground ivy is a plant we often take for granted. Learn about its various, soothing medicinal properties.
Two souls, alone for too many years, brought together at last. Written for my husband John,
A continuation of my serialized novel. In Chapter 1, Jenny has lost her job, and is sinking into hopelessness. In a dream, she meets legendary explorer Meriwether Lewis, and unknowingly takes the first steps in an irreversible journey.
Try these alternative, natural remedies for the pain of tendonitis.
Nature's majesty, personal courage, or a child's imagination--places to reflect on our Creator.
Enjoy a cup of lemon balm tea for its lovely taste and fragrance, and its calming, healing properties.
This is the first installment of a novella. After a series of personal disasters, Jennifer Corelli is befriended in a dream by the spirit of legendary explorer Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809). The novella traces their mutual journey of discovery and healing.
Words acquire a life of their own, and live on after they have been spoken.
Grow this flavorful, fragrant member of the mint family at home.
A tribute to a hero of mine, author of Common Sense--the pamphlet which sparked the American Revolution.
A tribute to God's gifts of humor, and the blessing of laughter among friends.
Written after becoming a bit too attached to the subject matter.
A writer's life can appear mysterious, solitary, and adventurous at different times.
You've tried commercial cough drops, but they don't quite do the trick. Soothe that raw, inflamed throat with these time-tested natural remedies.
Whether you call it ringing, roaring, or whooshing in the ears, tinnitus is often difficult to treat. Natural, accessible remedies can help.
Natural remedies for yeast infection--a miserable condition especially common among women--are as close as your kitchen cabinet.
Want to enjoy the distinctive flavor of French tarragon any time? Even if you have limited space, you can grow this culinary gem.
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