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Carol Roach
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Retired therapist and author of two books, freelance writer, newsletter editor, and blogger. I write, health, mental health, women's issues, animal , celebrity, history, and SEO articles.
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This article is about my personal experience with cancer. The article was previously published in BourneBlog.
People write for different reasons. But for many of us, writing is a career, a passion and a way of life. We are lost when we don't pursue or craft.
Many of my American friends are worried about health services for the military. The situation in Canada in 2012 is not any better. They were cutting funding for mental health for the military and it is a crying shame.
A Montreal cardiologist killed his two young children in 2009 to spite his wife. He never went to jail but spend time in Pinel Institute the mental hospital for the criminally insane. He was released and the public was outraged. He now has had his second trial and is found guilty.
Most people live stressful lives and the rise of generalized anxiety is surfacing all over the world including Montreal.
There is no doubt that major drug shortages will effect the populace in many ways from prescribed medication to performing surgeries.
Fear and anxiety are not the same. However, sometimes they are necessary for us to protect ourselves. Other times they can be irrational.
We all have stress but there are ways that we can learn to cope and manage stress. A little planning ahead can help in many situations.
We call have stress, much depends on our ability to cope and much depends upon our own unique situation and lifestyle
Most people view stress as a negative emotion but stress can be good for us as well. Furthermore, different people will experience stress in different life situations.
There are so many different reasons a person may gain weight. It is not limited to overeating. Stress is a major factor in weight gain.
People often confuse stress with anxiety but they are different. We all have stress and stress can be good for us. Anxiety is a negative emotional and can become chronic.
In 2012 Occupy Wall Street was born out of economic depression. People stormed Wall Street in protest of high financiers gouging the public. A study was conducted which found that bankers in general may have low moral standards when dealing with the public.
New research is showing that brain function can improve in the elderly with weight loss training. Weight loss training in the elderly can improve their cognitive ability and works better than other forms of exercise.
Eleanor McEvoy is a very talented Irish song singer, songwriter, and musician who has made a career for herself in the USA.
Scientists are rigorously researching the causes of autism and it is yet to be determined. Environmental toxins may have a connection with autism.
Where we left off The family had finished their Christmas dinner and setting up Carissa's new monopoly game. The door bell rang and it was Mr. Martin all the way from Sydney with Jean's Christmas presents. Katie-Ann is in a foul mood and finds fault with the presents Jean had given...
We live busy stressful lives and it is very sad when we have stress at work and come home and have it again. This has been the sum total of my life.
A fairly recent study shows that teens who overuse cell phones may indeed be risking their education. These teens tend to read less and isolate themselves from perusing an education.
Studies have shown that the birth order of siblings can affect their personalities. However, the research was not done on girls or large families.
This my all time favourite peace that I have ever written. I believe in miracles.
Where we left off This Christmas the family is separated for the first time since there parent's passing. Jean is not with them. Katie-Ann is very upset about it. As she has taken on the job of keeping the family together. Little Carissa is happy she got a beautiful porcelain do...
Where we left off Jean has gone to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and his family. Katie-Ann is furious and little Carissa doesn't understand why her sister Jean could not be home for Christmas.
Christmas trees and cats do not go together. Here are some tips to help you safe your sanity and keep the cats safe.
Gamblers suffer from personality disorders and other mental issues. Pathological gambling can ruin the life of the gambler and his or her family.
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