Yaseen Mirza

Yaseen Mirza
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Working as Principal of Boarding School. Worked as mentor, counselor, teacher, educationist, educational consultant and author of chemistry books.
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In Paris also footsteps echoed in the Streets! The Footsteps of July 14, 1789. Eco of Why! …and from the Slum of Saint Antoine came the roaring answer: Down with the Bastille! Down with the Bastille! Down with the Monument to centuries of Tyranny! Down with the Fortress Prison of Hi...
Pen can conquer easily than sword. The pen is the healer of wounds.it soothes the hearts and applies the healing balm. The pen spreads knowledge among mankind.it is the most useful instrument for propagating truth and religion.
Mother is the only source of continuity of human race on the earth
Daanish School Chishtian is in the line of Microsoft Innovative Schools competition. Here extensive innovative techniques are used to teach students.
Child Labour Children are the flowers of heaven but those having been forced to kill their aspirations, dreams and other wishes are forced to opt Child Labour. Providing economic support as a responsibility of Government can stop this practice. The most important tool is education. E...
Education is playing a vital rule in the prosperity and progress of the nations. No nation can touch the glory, if uneducated. Education for poor is the dream in developing countries where education is not free. In Pakistan, in province Punjab, The Chief Minister is opening Daanish Sc...
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