Emma Morgan Duke

Emma Morgan Duke
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Studied Journalism at university- currently working full time whilst pursuing my writing career. Always working on a novel that rarely gets completed.
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Recent pages by Emma Morgan Duke

This is the first three chapters of the novel I am writing "Meet me by the Daffodils." It is very important to me and so I wish to get some feedback on it. Please let me know your thoughts. Be kind x
Why do we worry so much about the minor details of weddings?
Just an account of what I love in about coffee shops in winter.
A review of Stephen King's latest novel "11/22/63."
A Short review of the fantastic novel "Ordinary Thunderstorms" by William Boyd.
The Song of Achilles, written by Madeline Miller, is the winner of The Orange Prize 2012. A beautiful story of love, mythology and violence all rolled into one entertaining novel. This is a review from my point of view as a lover of everything to do with Greek Mythology and the Ancien...
Poetry about betrayal and hurt caused by someone close.
7 Day Drunk is a show by Bryony Kimmings depicting how intoxication affects creativity.
A review of the Fifty Shades of Grey books that have captivated readers all over the world.
This is a short extract of the novel I am writing at the moment. Wanted to see what you all think about it? Comments would be appreciated.
A short story I started a while back. This is just the beginning.
A review of the weird and wonderful Mermaid Show performed by Ann Liv Young and her cast at The Arches, Glasgow. 1 April 2012.
Poem about cheating and the effect it can have on surrounding people
The Higher the heel the better the shoe for a night out right? Wrong. This page explains what you are doing to your feet and how it will affect you in later life.
Organ donation is a very personal decision and the new idea that has come about to make organ donation automatic takes that decision away from us all. This page discusses the pros and cons of such a huge decision and the reasons behind this new idea.
We all know of scary stories and ghosts but the history of what Halloween truely is can be shadowed by all the false customs. This page is just to remind everyone of why Halloween is what it is.
Exfoliating your skin is a fantastic way to give yourself the confidence boost your looking for. Here's why.
My recipe for Mars Bar Cakes which is the first thing I learned how to bake.
Just a short poem about friendship being a two way street.
A journalist buys a book in a second-hand book store and discovers a murder confession tucked within its pages.
This is an exercise I once did that is to describe the colour blue without using the words blue or colour.
This is an interview and article I wrote for a assignment for university. It is about local bands becoming more known in the area and how it affects them.
Poem I wrote when thinking about life after death.
This letter is a spur of the moment letter to a past love.
I recently spent a short amount of time in Rome and this page gives my opinion on the City.
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