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Kelly Dare is a freelance writer and former full-time journalist living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She writes about many health and business topics for a number of print and online publications.
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Planning a children's birthday party is sometime a lot of work. Choosing a location that is guaranteed to keep kids entertained for hours on end can be difficult. These top Tulsa party locations can give parents some great ideas for planning that next party.
TED hose are used by many kinds of patients both in and outside of the hospital setting. It is important to know when to change TED hose in order to maximize their effectiveness at preventing dangerous blood clots.
A detailed set of marketing objectives is integral to the success of any kind of business. No matter how large or small your company is, taking the time to write down a brief list of goals and marketing objectives can lead to greater success in terms of profit and revenues.
Insure Oklahoma offers affordable subsidized health insurance plans for low to middle income individuals and families in the state of Oklahoma. This program offers a great opportunity to save money on your health insurance plan and health care needs.
The benefits of Acai berry have been a hot topic lately. Acai berry is beneficial for weight loss and reducing the signs of aging.
Merle Haggard gained notoriety as being one of the founding fathers of modern country music and a leader of the outlaw country movement. However, it was a difficult early life that was filled with loss and trouble with the law that influenced many of his songs.
There are many health benefits of consuming both winter and summer varieties of squash. Eating squash is a natural way to make your heart healthier, lower high blood pressure, and ward off cancer.
Prescription allergy medications and over the counter allergy medications lead to numerous side effects and long term health consequences. There are many ways that you can treat your allergies naturally that can be just as effective without side effects.
Preventing cervical cancer is all about knowing your risk, keeping your immune system strong and healthy, and getting routine physical exams.
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