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Student of German studies with a passion for languages
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Recent pages by ben.wilko1

4 Years of university, 12 different housemates, countless interesting experiences.
A look at why I listen to music in different languages, even if I can't understand the lyrics.
After a journey to Budapest with some good friends last year, i wanted to share a bit about my experieces.
At 85 years old the Pope is said to be resigning this month, this page questions why, in our aging society where people live longer, does this not happen more often?
At the end of the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles outlined “the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage” of Europe (Treaty of Versailles, 1919). However, it could be argued that it is far too simple to state that Imperial Germany was ...
An essay exploring how ordinary German people felt like victims in the post war era.
Green tea is one of my favourite teas, due to its great taste and seemingly never ending list of health benefits. I decided to get the most from this list of benefits by purchasing green tea extract.
I recently purchased a nicolite disposable e-cigarette and decided to share my thoughts and first impressions.
An essay about Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan and the role of nationalism in the emergence modern Europe.
A quick insight to the difficulty of finding a career for language students
An essay about the strengthening presence of nationalism in 19th century Europe
A simple and healthy sweet and sour chicken recipe
An essay about the issues of national identity in germany
Short page about the Austrian city of Salzburg from personal experience
An outline of the importance of using the correct level of formality in language.
An explanation of the different types of words and how with a bit of know-how, you can boost your language capability!
Language isn't just what we read, write and say. A quick look into sign language and body language.
A look at the ways in which conventional foods could be harming us in ways that we don't even fully understand and how eating organic can remedy this.
A look at what I do at the first signs of a cold in order to avoid worsening symptoms and aid a speedy recovery.
A look at how even someone on a very low budget can fill their garden with large and healthy plants.
A page about false friends and how words and phrases are not always as simple as they seem!
A page about the exchange of loan words between languages and why loan words occur.
A page about Idioms and their use in speech and writing, and also a look at how idioms differ between languages.
A quick section about how to prepare for going abroad and how everyone has the ability to learn some basic phrases in any language!
This page offers some reasons why anyone can improve their lives simply by learning a language.
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