Susan Replogle

Susan Replogle
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I am an artist specializing in collage and photography. I also love to kayak,hike, river raft,camp in wilderness areas,backpack, and travel anywhere! My home is in western Colorado and I am surrounded by a miriad of wonderful mountains,canyons,and rivers to play in. I also play guitar in a small local band and with the church choir.
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In my many drawers I have hundreds of small objects that I pick up on my walks, or in thrift shops,and antique malls. Anything that looks interesting, is small, and BLINGY can wind up in one of my collages, on one of my gourd pots, or hung around my neck! Here are some of the fun ways...
For gourd fans and collage artists, gourds are a wonderful venue to explore as objects of art. In this article I will show some of my own gourd works, and explain my techniques for bringing a plain old gourd into a gallery-quality work of art.
For this article I will include photos of one of my bracelets and explain how I put it together using found objects, charms, and parts of old costume jewelry.
By using the Microsoft Paint Program I will show examples and explain techniques I have learned in making photos into totally new works of art.
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