Nitul anand

Nitul anand
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Sacred sole falls in bad love of good world !
Focus on love ,life & world
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You love very much to taste the flesh of a innocent white lamb... then if muslims are fond of fresh flesh of a mooing heifer... what's the harm? Muslims are not human...?
The lowly cattle dog has no religion ! But it assisted Dharmaraja (one of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata). It assisted the ultimate truth ... !
She was a muslim and I'm Hindu.Whose fault was it?....My love ! ...A faulty love made by me ?
Desire for stability in love is the cornerstone of human civilization and culture . However,men and women have never ...
Why the life begins with love and ends without love ... ?? Is love the intimate part of life ...??? Love generates life and life for love ... !!!
To date on all my desires ... It was 'bread' that dominated .Thinking beyond the' bread' far...very far ! But again forced to hunger for bread.
Today...! I have been lost reading whole of the stories the fair of this world. What all that stories were false ? This false world and all those people were false ? My mother a lier .....?
Esoteric science and Economics scholars kindred're my brothers .But ... incomplete piece of bread in our dish ! For me mother's dry breast and water soluion of powdered rice as ambrosia...
My hermit garb.My choice.Uniform for those who sacrifices...or..compelled to sacrifice...! You say to lose the world,lose sophistication. But it occurred to me ,the continued motivation is oriented towards the world. RETIRING IS AN ART ,A SCIENCE AND IT IS T...
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