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Published Author, Writer, Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritualist (Yoruba), Asexual, Truth-Teller. I Am A Fighter And A Survivor. An Unconventional Human Being.
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Recent pages by LaToya

One of the all time greatest in comic book publications.
The positive and negative aspects and ethics of supernatural abilities.
The natural laws and liberation of distinct spiritual energies and protections.
The natural reactions, affects and colorings of brown skin and skin in general.
The degenerate and demonic efforts of the severely disturbed and misguided.
The Nonsense And Hazard That Comes And That Goes Along With Smoking.
Spiritual Connections And Communications. Thoughts Of Productivity.
The association between one's blood type and their own distinct character or personality traits
Warnings and omens through the supernatural means and forces.
The Healthy And Nutritional Benefits Of Wheat Grass.
The Natural Health Benefits And Effects Of The Herb Ginkgo Biloba.
A Mysterious And Temporary Skin Condition That Affects Some People
Distinguishing between the myths and ignorance. True causes and affects along with the non effects. Everyone who occasionally has a break out does not necessarily have the true formation of acne.
Some Do, Some Don't. Some Will, Some Won't. Different Strokes For Different Folks.
Those Certain Types In Particular Who Are Undesireable In More Ways Than One.
The ravishing beauties of being blessed. Sustained by spiritual foundation.
When being alone has absolutely nothing at all to do with being lonely. And when wanting to be alone is actually a very healthy and happy state of existence, and well-being.
The beauty and power of silence. Quietness is often spoken in loud tones of wisdom.
Logical reasoning within one's own standpoints and confident and unwavering regarding one's own ability. No apologies, and not needing or looking for the approval or acceptance of others. Self satisfied, self approved.
A puppy that I would have loved to brought home. Exceptional young canine.
Self defined success. Accomplished with personal fulfilments set to one's own standard.
Going above and beyond by staying true to one's own identity. In touch with self, in tune with energies, unbound by restraints.
Honesty leads to contentment while guilt leads to aggravation.
Born with the caul/veil. The experiences related to the existence.
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