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Internationally Acclaimed Writer of Satire and Human Interest
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Recent pages by Zarathruster

This is an account of an interview,commissioned through Rant University, to research employer interviewing tactics and issues and how they affect applicants.
A dream of an ineffective and indecisive president couple with visions of an American Nightmare to follow.
A method of saving our country by extreme taxation to cause a tax revolt to usher in a new system.
This article is a recollection of the public service activities of Zarathruster in his local community.
This essay is about personal identity and what it really means.
The beginning of a my book "Of Zarathruster" whereby I share enlightened moments and words of wisdom.
A review of scams, ripoffs and institutional fraud that separates us from our cash every day.
An opinion article based on people that introduce themselves as a member of a particular religion or cult belief system.
A first person account of getting a rental vehicle with my company stuck in the sand on a Hawaiian beach.
Rules for they general public when they fly. The inconveniences and human difficulty of flying in coach.
An overview of the Atlanta airport and the delays that are caused because of their inefficiency.
The letter I wrote to Continental Airlines in regards to the $5000 package they lost and could not find
A true account of my experience with Avis Rental in regards to the illegal action they took against me.
A real life example and true story of how to not get ripped off by an auto mechanic
This is a non fiction account of a failed CEO in an international manufacturing firm.
A true account of seven professional interviews, two flights out of town and a dinner with the wives resulting in no job offer.
A unique method for charging people that waste your time.
This is a non fiction account of a job I had as a magazine route salesman.
This is a short guide for how to be actively non engaged in some of the more mundane aspects of life
This story is a true account of a teenage misadventure that involved stealing a car and crashing it into a tree.
This a non fictional account of quotations the were heard amongst engineers in a former company I worked for.
This story is a non fictional account of my experience as a 15 year old construction laborer on Elliott Key off the coast of Homestead, Fl.
This article is an in depth examination of the preposterous nature of the employee background check and why the entire process in inverted.
A solution to the economic crisis in the US based on the over consumption of carbs and the resulting largesse of the public.
This article examines our addiction to 'smart phones' and how they are taking away our inherent abilities to reason and comprehend.
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