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I'm 21 years old, i'm a sports nut and i love writing fictional short stories.
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Throughout life there is nothing more important then money. Yes love may seem like it is but money is at the base. When you have it, you need more. When you don't have it you need more. You get more and it's still not enough.
this poem is about a personal choice I have made to smoke a cigarettes
Looking back on old relationships made me realize there's feelings that never go away. So i wanted to convey those messages in this poem that i wrote. Enjoy!
just have had a lot on my mind about my life, lots of stress dealing with basically everything that's happened throughout my life.
Just another poem about a sad day i've had and i just try and write it out to make me feel better.
I wrote this in college just as a joke for class and it's a compilation of a bunch of various things i learned that may or may not make sense but it still makes for a humorous read.
My friend lost his father, he was torn apart. just by talking to him i could feel the pain he had to carry, and i tried to convey that feeling in this poem.
This poem was written on one of my worsts days, i was sad and put everything in the poem
Poem about my girlfriend who has been there through it all. She's amazing and believe me now, she's my all.
When I looked at her my heart did drop and my life did change
Bad decisions are fun sometimes but nerve racking when they come with the danger of being caught. Maybe that's their appeal...
My friend and i had a rough night. We did not understand that sneaking out of the house would be such a handful. After a night stocked full of adventure we're done with sneaking out... for now.
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