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I wrote my first poem at the age of 13 and haven't stopped writing since. My poetry is predominantly about the subject of love, but I also write poetry which focuses on the Darfur Crisis.
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New York has a plethora of statues that are true works of art. But some of New York’s statues are just truly creepy.
[b]While there are many black gospel performers who sing with great soul, some of the best black gospel music has come from those in the secular music industry, all of whom were heavily influenced by gospel music.[/b]
The numbers of children being diagnosed with autism are skyrocketing. But there is a growing number of parents of autistic children who are turning to Hippotherapy in place of standard therapies that have largely proven little to no success. And they are loving the results.
You may have a heart so broken, that you flee from even the thought of love finding you ever again. But true love is not something one can escape... it will follow you to the brink of death.
What if our Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton were to take our letters seriously?
Nearly 500,000 souls have been slaughtered, women and little girls are raped everyday, babies are ripped from their mothers' arms and thrown into the fire, water systems are contaminated by the dead bodies of men who have been hacked to pieces by evil men who partake of the genocide t...
Children in the poor regions of India are in danger. They are in danger of being preyed upon by those who will kidnap and sell them into the sex slave trade. It must stop!
When two people are truly, truly in love, they are absorbed into one another, forever altered from who they one were, there's no turning back.
We all know cilantro is a popular herb to use in your favorite Mexican foods, but few know about the roll it plays in medicinal health.
The story of my one and only experience of having a baby, and why I would opt for a home birth if I ever had another one.
How people with sleep disturbances can get a more restful night's sleep by drinking chamomile tea before bedtime.
How quickly life can be taken, how quickly life came to a halt, for a small but thriving town named Joplin, Missouri.
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