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I write for the fun of it. I write about whatever I feel like at the time.
Could be Meatloaf could be sports could be Sunny days could be shorts.
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Recent pages by NOTAWRITER

A poem about the Big Boss Man a great big man of the World of professional wrestling.
A poem for one of the greatest wrestlers of all time the Undertaker.
A poem about Hunter Hearst Helmsley also known as Triple H.
A poem about wrestling Legend Superfly Jimmy Snuka.
A poem about World Wrestling Entertainment star Daniel Bryan.
A poem about current World Wrestling Entertainment star Randy Orton.
A poem about the current World Wrestling Entertainment superstar John Cena
A poem about wrestling superstar Jake The Snake Roberts.
A poem about Cowboy Bob Orton. A World Wrestling Federation superstar of the eighties.
A poem about the rough and tough wrestler Greg The Hammer Valentine.
A poem about a World Wrestling Federation Legend Sargent Slaughter.
A poem about the great CM Punk World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar.
A poem about wrestling legend Brutus Beefcake and his time in the World Wrestling Federation.
My Poem for Ricky Steamboat. One of the best in ring wrestlers of all time.
My poem for wrestling great Tito Santana. I wish he was still active in the ring.
A poem about the big massive King Kong Bundy who was a force to be reckoned with in the World Wrestling Federation
A poem about Big John Studd. He was one of the biggest men in an era for big men.
A poem about the wrestling legend and former king of wrestling Harley Race.
A poem about the Heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels. A legend in wrestling.
A poem about wrestling legend Bam Bam Bigelow. One of the greats of the ring
A poem about the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. A legend in wrestling.
A poem about one of the best pure wrestlers ever Bret Hart.
This is a poem about the wrestling promoter for World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon.
My poem for the biggest wrestling event of the year. It is Wrestlemania.
A poem about Ric Flair. One of the great wrestlers of our time.
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