Carla R. Herrera

Carla R. Herrera
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Carla R. Herrera ( is an indie author and book reviewer for Perihelion SF Magazine. She writes about self-publishing, ebooks, formatting, indie lit and green living.
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An exotic but common vine flower that that works as a sedative and anxiety reliever, that anyone can harvest and prepare.
Need an herb that will produce great-tasting chili, eliminate mosquitos and flatulence? Epazote will do it. One of the wonder herbs of the 21st century.
Short on cash, but determined to start a garden this year? Seed and plants can be acquired online, for little more than a stamped envelope.
Every had pine needle tea? How about sassafras? Though we're familiar with picking the fruit from the branches, there are other ways to enjoy culinary delights of common and not so common trees.
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