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I have been writing in online for about three years in various sites. I used to write health related topics and also guide people by giving health tips.
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Recent pages by bharathiyar

Chitika - An online advertising company which is a good alternative for google adsense.
I robot - a science fiction story which may happen in future. The story is well narrated and shows many fictitious facts which are feast for fiction story lovers. This movie is released in the Year 2004 based on the short stories by Issac Asimov.
A website dedicated for woman and especially for Indian woman. You can learn what is the actual Indian home from this website. It is useful to get information in various subject from the friends there
Home remedies are those ingredients present in our home for day to day life which has medicinal qualities. Here are few substances used as home remedies which is present in our kitchen.
Saving water by everyone is now a duty than a hobby.
Our children are fond of evening snacks and now most of the items in market are fried one and processed foods which is not good for health. Some of the tips below here to find a healthy and tasty evening snacks for your kids.
Twitter is one of the great networking sites to socialize your thoughts with other people. Most people needed to get followers for their twitter account to get their news to reach many people. Just few simple steps to get more followers for your twitter account is here.
Facebook - Everyone of you know a site that most of the people in the globe present in networking and communicating with each other. But it wont pay you if you are searching for some money while typing something in online. Here is a site which pays you when you communicate with the...
Mylot - A social networking site allows you to earn money to work in this site unlike facebook. Mylot pays for members and it is paying for many years. If you are in mylot already or want to join there, you have some tips here for you to earn there.
Idli is a South Indian dish and most of the days it would be the breakfast in many homes. Moms would find difficult to finish those leftover idlis. You need not to worry. Now you can make it to evening snacks. Few tips are shared here.
Blogging is easy when you learn to write it. Easy way to start a new blog for you here.
Romance movie added with fiction of previous life which makes the lovers to get together is the base line story of the movie.
Smart kid - Every parent expect their kid to be. If you are a smart parent you could make your kid too smart. For that you have to learn the way. Here are some ways for you to know.
Healthy diet with essential nutrients is the medicine for most people. But when medicines are taken separately we have to concentrate on the food we take. Both acts as medicine always. Although it is, people have common misconceptions between food and medicine. You could clear your...
Homeopathic medicine is safe treatment for all people in both sexes and of all age groups.
Colon cleansing is now becoming popular in developed countries.
A few tips for new writers to earn money by writing their articles in internet and to find the right platform to expose their writings.
Cloves are not our daily ingredients in our food. But in India it is used in certain food items and in sweets. It has many medicinal properties which is discussed here.
In every article writing site you find popular and hot contents. Here are simple ways to make one of your article or articles in the stage light.
Computer with internet can be used as money generating machine. But only if you learn the way. Here are some easy available methods to earn money in online.
A simple and safe treatment of medicine which has been discovered about 200 years before. Most people have to learn the basics of Homeopathy to know what is true cure in any ailments in our body.
Paypal account, the payment processor has needs protection as it deals with all our transaction. Some simple tips to safeguard it from internet thieves.
Many people are working in internet to find some money hidden in there. Unfortunately some find the scammers and get cheated. If you know the ways how we cannot earn money in online, you can save yourself from wasting time, money, etc.
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