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Kristina Howells
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I am a published author and poet. I currently live in Calais in France, I am a British expat. I have written non-fiction and fiction works.
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This article has been written to inform you of the dangers of using the internet, particularly Facebook. How family and friends can turn against you and ruin your life?
This is a short Haiku poem based on the pumpkin and Halloween.
This article is aimed at helping you produce your book cover using paintshop pro.
We've all done it. We've all met a gorgeous man and instantly fallen head over heals in love! Kate a beautiful and successful composer, does exactly that when she meets the mysterious Leon. But little did she know that this man was about to turn her life completely upside down, with d...
Machrob is about an army of Machrobs who want to take over the Earth and destroy the human race. Only to find that along the way there was always to be one hero to save the day.
This is a recipe that is originally from London. It is called a Kristina Hotpot as it is an original recipe that I have created.
Decoupage making is a very easy form of making cards for your love ones. This article helps to show you how to do it.
This article addresses why the local government of Calais is a sham, and based itself upon fake hopes and promises, after 30 years of communist control.
This article is about how a bar in Calais is allowed to break the law, and tries to understand why the council does nothing to resolve the problem.
This is a true story based upon what is happening in the frontier town Calais, and how the police do nothing to stop the increase in crime.
This artlcle examines how the universe was created. It leaves you to make up your own mind. It have been written from a Biblical point of view.
The purpose of this article is to show you how to make a ponsietta ornament for Christmas.
It is not easy to publish your first book. But you can do it if you know how.
We've all done it, fell in love and moved in with our loved ones. Everything seems fine, except for one thing, you're a stepparent. Life then becomes a different issue. It is one that can either make or break a relationship.
A home should be a home. For Christopher, and Francesca it wasn't. Neighbours were the reason for it. There was a long battle ahead with disastrous consequences along the way.
Here are several examples of my haiku poems that I have written. They include the Telephone, Techno, Coffee, Poppy, war, ghost, and moon.
Creating comic strips was never easy, until apple invented an app that allows one to do this.
Melanie had no idea what life was like in the real world. Being part of the Christmas Empire began to take its toll on her. She rebelled, and was expelled from the land. Only time would tell if she ever went back or not.
This poem reflects on the feelings on what happens when the past resurfaces.
This is a short story about an elderly man whose past suddenly turns up to haunt him, until the secret is revealed.
This short story has been written to show the plight of many people in the world. Who go through similar circumstances? They fall in love and find out they are victims of domestic violence.
This chapter looks at the departure of Arthur, as he embarks on his world wide tour with an elderly lady.
For Sally the thought of spending Christmas all alone for the first time was a daunting prospect. Then a gentleman walked into her life with interesting consequences.
The next adventure of Arthur the Gnome, at the cycling event Vielle Eglise in Nord Pas de Calais, France.
The second chapter in the adventures of Arthur the Gnome
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