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A Southern Writer, Rebel, Poet and Gypsy Soul--following the North Wind until I find "it."
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The rhythm of life echoes the sweet beats of Jazz. Kinda free flowing, kinda catchy and you never ever know where a Southern night may lead. Jazz and life have, in my randomness are one-in- the -same.
More poetry in the key of me. We learn to embrace our uniqueness as we get older. We should boldly wave our understanding when we are given insight.
I love being in my 40's and owning my own power as a woman. Embracing your ultimate femininity is a wonderful place to be!
Musings and ramblings based on the minutes, hours and days of a 40 something Truth Seeker.
My Grandmother had 11 children, one of which was my Mother. They were poor but only materially. The wealth of love and unconditional understanding and acceptance of life created an amazing legacy.
Life is full of random epiphanies and moments of gentle clarity. Sometimes we need to quiet our minds and listen to what life is whispering to us.
Observations in the key of me. Random thoughts about random things.
Bits and pieces of this and that's. Just trying to piece together the tapestry of my life and the challenges I face as a seasoned, sizzling, single woman of 40.
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