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I love to write about traveling, real estate, sports and food.
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Recent pages by AlexD

This is an article that gives you 6 reasons on why you should visit Hong Kong and what you can do in that city.
This is a page about Hong Kong and how to experience it like a local.
This is an article about 3 cities in Croatia and how much of a fun you can have there.
This is a page on how to have a great time in Split. It is based on my experience.
This is an article about two extremely beautiful cities in Croatia called Split and Dubrovnik.
This is about renovating/adding/changing things to your home office so that it becomes that special place you can fully enjoy.
These are top 3 cities in Croatia you should visit if you are planning a holiday trip to Croatia.
An article about the beautiful city of Belgrade. It contains many valuable information about the city, for example places to visit, food to eat, information about nightlife and much more.
Croatia is a hugely popular country in Europe for traveling, especially in the summer where millions of people visit it. These are some of the cities that are often visited in Croatia.
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