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Nazneen Sultana
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Self-exploring human being I am. Learning new things is my hobby. Expressions of everyday observations and personal opinions are two of the many areas my writing focuses on. Enjoy Reading!
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Speech Therapy is a training that helps children and adults with speech and language problems to speak more lucidly. Speech therapists and assistants have come a long way to scrutinize and solving the problem. The career prospects still persists
Some tourists are shop-alcoholics. Cities are not famous for sites only but for markets and fashion too. The city of Light and Romance, Paris is monomaniacal go for shopping. Haute couture and unmatched trends, when in Paris, shop like Parisians.
Sao Paulo breathes with its most intriguing spicy culture. It offers a hardcore civilization and one of the most wanted destinations tucked in Brazil. Indulge!
Social Networking Sites have become a boon for the virtual world. Reality has supplanted by virtual reality which dissolved to give birth to a highly inter-wired world where millions of online users visit FB, Twitter, MySpace, etc. How to tackle this menace has become a pressing conce...
Asin and Nefertiti becomes good friend and they share their secrets. Unforunately, Asin finds out that she has been cheated. But, these things happen only in Asin's dream. When she wakes up she finds a bitter truth.
Kakuli is the daughter of a wealthy businessman living in Padma Niwas. Even though she knows the horrendous truth about her father still she loves him. She writes a letter to her mother whom she thinks would resolve the distance between father and daughter.
Dahlia and Jack Ocumpo come to visit Taj mahal for the first time in india. Both are very excited. When they reached Agra, Dahlia is caught with haunting memories and for her this is not her first visit.
It happens to everyone when the Ogre, the exams frighten us and laughs at us.... Its very squeaky and loud... Nobody is allowed to elude it. The horrendous Exam!!
Spending time with an adorable family is fun.I am the luckiest person having a sweet family!!!
This is a resume for job seekers... I hope it will help my fellow friends...
An attempt to understand the work of Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossein's 'Motichur'. I would like to show objections to womanhood in crisis in male dominated societies to which she answers very subtly in her collection of essays.
Never look back and never dissuade by jealous people. Satan's only work is to decieve!!!
Everyone expects a second chance when he/she stumbles in life.. But if someone prays truly for it, He will never dishearten you. He has listened to me and the nature is happy with me..Cheers..
Never avoid what your conscience says to you..Falling in Love is a cheerful journey but one must know his/her carefully.. However the feeling of love is unseen.. It just happens...
What happens when you are derailed?? What happens when you are not guided? You are definitely downtrodden..
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