Syed Qasim Abbas

Syed Qasim Abbas
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Hey, I'm Qasim Abbas, a part-time Tech Blogger and a full-time Internet Marketing Guru serving the corporate sector. You know they say that I got offbeat internet marketing techniques with extraordina
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Mostly the major smartphone giant’s manufacturer in the world has one or two high-end models those are renowned as their flagship devices with different ranges.
Usability testing is basically a technique in which the testers test a product or application to see if it’s user-friendly or not.
Web Development is the method of coming up with and making websites with text, images, digital media and programming parts which are formed by the tough internet designers.
The chance that you will be hacked online may seem small, but when it happens you better be prepared. Storage, backups, profiles, payments, everything is done online nowadays. The Internet is used by innumerable people, so what are the chances that someone can steal your identity or i...
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