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My thoughts & actions, on my everyday life, trying to share my part of the world through pictures, poems, articles, and everything in between, a creative outlet, an anonymous space that I can call mine.
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It’s Monday morning. You open your closet and re faced with the debris for years of constructing your wardrobe–and you still have “nothing to wear.” It’s the problem that’s been plaguing and puzzling the clothing clueless for years.
If you’re already thinking, “How can I tell if my boyfriend’s a bad catch?” then you’re on the right page. That’s why I came up with this lovely list! The top four are obvious, but we all need to be reminded of them.
They say that we learn something new everyday. It’s even better if one of those things that you learn is about yourself. So step out of your comfort zone and discover what you can do! Embrace a new hobby, pick up a new language, or do something out of the ordinary. If life is buffet...
Let’s take look at egos. Like most things in life, a healthy opinion of yourself can actually work–if it’s taken in moderation. Too much of anything is bad, and that goes for blown-up egos, too.
If you can never seem to stretch your weekly allowance till Saturday, perhaps it’s time for a new battle plan. Instead of stretching your money, why not earn extra cash and learn while you’re at it?
The body produces the hormone called prostaglandins, which makes the uterus contract more strongly during menstruation. Some girls produce more amounts of it, while others may just be more sensitive to the Menstrual cramps also help expel the discharge.
Premenstrual Syndrome. The mere mention of the words is enough to make any girl wince (and any guy scurry to the nearest exit). It’s a group of physical and psychological symptoms that occurs 5 to 11 days before you get your period.
After Sadako climbed out of the TV screen in Ringu (The Ring) and freaked everyone out, it also made Hollywood sit up and start buying and remaking Asian movies for their side of the globe. While it’s still up for debate which version before lining up for the American adaptations.
Sometimes the best gifts in the life are “free”. I know that term sounds incorrect somehow, but stay with me.
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