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Hi , My name is Elly and I am is passionate about technology, internet marketing and I am writer who writes on computer technology questions like router settings, computer security, ip address and ma
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Wireless range is vary depending on the WIFI standards and router physical location so if you are planning to add the second router then the configuration is really easy when compared to the bridges.
In today’s modern world, the use of mobile devices is highly increased in these days. Whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet or portable laptop, you can use the right charger, which is essential to the lifespan of your devices battery.
Today it is very an easy task to gain access to the router configurations and manage it depending on your requirements. It can be done over the router web user interface.
If you want to connect to the web you can't do this without having a router. There are numerous types of router available by different internet service providers.
Internet Protocol address identifies your computer and tells internet signals regarding about your location.
End users today take advantage of the various benefits associated with routers today. Consumers are desperate to gain information about how to improve the use of a perfect router.
When it comes to the network of the computer, you definitely cannot ignore the importance of the IP address. Yes, the IP address is one of the most essential things that are needed for every computer for its identity in the network.
The IP (which is the common acronym for the Internet Protocol) represents the protocol or the method which serves to convey data on the Internet from one PC to another. is the private default IP address of your router. It is IPv4 type address and it’s a default address for a vast fraction of routers, ADSL, DAL and cable modems.
It is possible to download/upload of software, data transfer, visited pages and time usage can be tracked very efficiently. You can turn your PC into wireless hotspot so that other devices can be connected to it and resources can be shared very efficiently. The workgroup can be manage...
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