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I'm 20. I love writing, for I am a poet and an amateur author. I'm friendly as well as honest. Just recently my life really started.
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There are times in our lives we'll never forget, thus giving the feeling somewhat of immortal hope/love. The strongest of feelings we get become unconditional, but what doesn't change itself is, well, change.
There's always this feeling inside that shakes you into character. Though we don't always know how to react when we see it in other people, but we soon understand why such a silly thing happens.
You must savor those moments that your hearts flutter, since you'll want to remember how that feeling is. You never know when the next time you'll ever feel that again. Maybe you're i love, maybe you're in pain, you just can't always know what's going to happen next.
You can always express you innermost feelings to those that are close to you, but how do you express something you never knew you felt? How have you been ignorant of your own actions and feelings towards someone? Never run, embrace. Enjoy.
There's a bit of hate deep within all of us, whether it's for a person, or for something inanimate. It's there, even in the sweetest person there's a bit of bitterness just lingering.
There are times where i need to write, yet there's not a definite feeling behind the work. Though through certain lines there may be a vibe or two, but it can be hard to tell. I can sometimes just spell it out. Enjoy.
Could you imagine a world that came an went like the clouds that breach our horizons day in and day out? Could you see me writing a poem using only a set of words? I'm sure that there are many things that can cross one's mind.
Hold onto your friends for as long as you can, for you never know when you'll need them, or when they'll need you. Friendship is forever, and friendship is for everyone. No Matter how far, no matter how long, a friend is a friend and should be kept close to your hearts so it will bea...
There have been times where I'm given a topic, and just can't write about it. Nature is the one thing I've found to be easy to abstractly describe my feelings. Often times though, I don't even know why I feel such things. Much of my work comes from deep within, as if m subconscious sp...
Sometimes, you just can't help but be back and forth about the person you are falling for, or even fell for. Love can definitely get a little messy and out of hand, just depends on how you go on about it. Enjoy the two pieces here.
You know those feelings that you sometimes don't understand? We all get them, and eventually we piece them all together and make a revolution of how we've changed. Sometimes, we don't realize how much someone's smile means to us until we don't get to see it. Slow down, and take your t...
I know you're wondering what this poem is about. Of course, so many poems are about love and sadness and stuff, but can you find the deeper meaning? Can you relate to something that's hidden away? Do you realize writers sometimes have hidden messages in their work that THEY don't even...
I've found inspiration in many things; even a rock, I kid you not. But this one was inspired by a tall building here in my city. IT created a scene for me, and it stuck to me.
It's really hard to keep up with which poems I have posted on here. I have been posting my latest, and then working my way back to my oldest which could use some work. THe older work is a little different. I must make a list! So enjoy!
Just more poetry, but you know that each poem brings new or even old feelings and allow you to learn more about me in some way.
It's all about the way of expression. Each person who writes has their own way of writing. Of course, some authors and poets writing similarly, yet the meaning each person has for their words will be different.
Often times, people feel pain in many aspects. Some can say the most common is a scraped knee. I mean, who doesn't fall down when they're a kid. But you know when you're a teen, you eventually feel that one most disappointing feeling; the broken heart.
Every moment in your life can effect your future. If you rush through your life, you'll miss those little wonderful moments that can mean so much.
Sometimes I hide things within my work, though it's often subtle and a bit confusing to understand. Maybe you can look over my work more than once, maybe read it backwards? never know...
Something profound has always pushed me to write. Often times I would write about a girl that was breaking my heart, but I would keep holding onto the feelings for her. I'll ruin the recent ending; she left me behind and lied to me.
most of my work, like I have said before, has been about nature. But often times I write about a feminine beauty. Though the trick here is, she doesn't have a name. Because it's not always the same girl/lady/woman I write about. Sometimes it may be, but not in every work. Usually, I'm...
When you read my work, it's basically reading what I felt at the time of writing. There are parts that compliment other parts, as well as a title to fit it all together.
There's something great about hearing that you do well with what you love to do. I love to write and get feedback, even if it's negative; let's me know I'm not going unheard or unseen.
A majority of my work is about weather and nature, and many times it's very abstract, but the element is there.
understanding my work is like understanding why wasps and bees fly continuously in circles before landing just to get up and go again. There's not a basic reasoning to it, but there's a very complex undertone covered by mysteries.
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