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I am a student in Wales. My preferred areas would be politics, music, Wales and many other things.
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Recent pages by em

An analysis of Cardiff City and the problems within modern football. This piece attempts an on the surface exploration of whether Cardiff are typical or an exception?
description of the stages of the award, and how I completed it.
A response about cyber bullying, in light of recent events and deaths.
my analysis of why people are too dependent on technology.
a small note about the events in modern day life, and the effect we have on each other
Just a few small tips on how to strech that wage a little further,
why joey barton and players like him deserve recognition
why more people should volunteer, especially in charity shops
A review on the schools prom 2010, at the Royal Albert Hall
Just a small note about the protests in London which a minority turned violent.
A review of the book, how amazing he is. It shows how he fought his illness.
Is torture worth it? morally or information wise??
review of the film, what happens and why not to watch it
Just a small statement about the behaviour and treatment of modern day football fans.
National Elections, your voice. I want to encourage political participation in elections
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