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I am a student of English Literature. I am a diligent worker nd most of the time am able to complete tasks on time. I'll love to do stuff which is related to my field.
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Stress have historically played a role in many theories of personality and behavior. The competitive lifestyles and incessant need to excel at everything, be it academics, relationships, jobs, public appearance has taken a toll on many students and young professionals
This essay on educational psychology focuses on its importance and other fields of psychology which are co-related with it.
History of television is traced back to World War 2 and this essay covers the pattern in which media improved our society or the set backs faced by masses by its invention.
A story that revolves around a girl, Urooj, who faces additional issues with her mother other than her adolescence.
This essay is about the virtue of altruism and the vital role played by dissenters.
This essay is about the materialistic society that has entangles almost all of us in its web and everyday someone is born or someone dies but change in out attitudes is not simply happeining.
A probable solution to global warming: recycling. Various methods could be employed to achieve this task.
A smart child tries to throw his fear and taste curiosity. However, he lands deep into the mouth of trouble!
this is a short story about a guy who tries to blackmail a girl but someone else tries to save her.
this essay is about the charisma of a human body and I have tried to explain it in my own way. I think that it is more important to understand ourselves first and then to analyze the world, which is merely the extension of ourselves.
this essay is an argumentative type of essay and my content closely follows the intricate designs that connect these two principles.
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