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I am a professional drum tutor. I like writing random stories and nonsense comes to me quite easily.
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My review of the science-fiction novel 'The Explorer' by James Smythe
a fictional letter, deliberately vague. take from it what you will.
thoughts on life, inner monologue, and a poem with an accompanying explanation of my thought pocesses in wriing
just a stream of consciousness sort of thing really.
A short analysis of John Bonham and his method of playing the drums
A short story about a man, one evening. It's about our futures and how the world changes. and our decisions relative to these changes
I finally read this book, turns out it's pretty damn good.
American popular music is sometimes as controversial as it is popular. Research, discuss and evaluate the cultural significance of the 5 tracks you feel best illustrate the controversy music can potentially cause
A discussion of the marketing mix, broadly relating to music
A friend at work asked me to write a poem about her friend Codies sad eyebrows, so here it is.
A brief guide for singer/songwriters to the music industry.
A brief analysis of the live performance styles of the band Led Zeppelin
A short story made up of sentences which i tried to keep as brief as possible.
Okay, this was an exercise which I think was worth it, I know what It means but I'd love to hear other interpretations (just so you know, the real story is dull as hell, so I'd like a more interesting one!).
Okay, this was just my bored brain wreaking havoc on an innocent piece of paper, so i apologize to all miss-used or abused pieces of paper out there.
Here is my tips on using paradiddles as part of a practice regimen.
I'm not sure whether this is really a poem, or lyrics or even more of a rap. Either way, it's from the heart and was inspired by advice from a mate.
A brief tale about people, and making up their background stories and purposes.
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