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Agnes DC
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I am a working Mom who loves to read and write about my daily experiences. I devote my time to learn and explore things. I am not a professional writer but my thoughts are my pen and paper. :)
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A part of SCTEX Road going to Tipo and Tarlac collapsed due to massive rain fall and severe flood due to Typhoon Maring.
Our day going to the hospital with me is my sick child. I am disappointed with how this hospital offers services to patients and families.
My Blogpost about the midweek happenings, from family, food, prizes and shopping.
My blog post about my first ever cash prize P5000 Philippine Peso, Blessings really come in most expected ways.
Since yesterday until today Typhoon Labuyo is hovering PAR and we are now on SignalNo2. Cautions of possible flood and landslide should be considered.
A product haul from our last grocery shopping, I was saving a few peso but I gave in to my daughters wish. We bought it.
Linking back my Blogger post to all those who want to join the promo.
Blogging my new pair of Charles & Keith shoes that my friend bought me. :)
Take a chance of winning this Sanuk gift certificate, it's a footwear brand wear. This is open worldwide anyone can join just as long you have a Philippine address where I can send the GC.
I created a blog post to greet my Son a Happy Birthday!
This is my usual cooking adventure which I really enjoy doing.
When teenagers satisfy their curiosity of smoking and drinking during their early years.
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