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I am Jennifer Kirkman from St. Petersburg, FL. I used to be a piano teacher and taught for 25 years before retiring after burnout.

My writing focuses a lot on health issues which I enjoy talking about. I also enjoy reading a lot, and counted cross-stitch!
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Frederic Chopin wrote many pieces of music during his lifetime. He was a composer in the Romantic period of music. This is a brief story of his life.
Franz Joseph Haydn was a composer of the classical period in music. This article gives an overview of his life.
Beverly Lewis is a well known author of Amish stories. This article is a brief biography of her life.
There are some very healthy cereals which are great all around for your health.
People with diabetes should eat foods that are low in the glycemic index category. This article talks about foods that are healthiest for those with diabetes.
There are ways to incorporate snacks into your healthy diet plan. My article gives suggestions on ways you can snack and still lose your weight!
Fiber is a must for the body as it does a lot for the colon, helping to lower cholesterol, and foods with high fiber are also filling. Read on for the best foods in fiber.
The Atkins Diet has been around for quite awhile now, and in my opinion, I find that it is seriously lacking in many nutrients. Read why I feel that way.
There are many benefits to walking daily. My article points out some of the health benefits from walking other than weight loss.
Obesity is unfortunately common in many people today. This article talks about the various problems that can easily occur in people that are obese.
This article talks about eating out while you are on Weight Watchers and how to select foods wisely.
Oats are one of the best and healthiest foods you can eat. My article talks about the various nutrients you gain from eating this grain.
Lima beans are full of great nutrients, which my article here explains. They can be a great addition to your healthy diet.
There are many reasons that people enjoy losing weight with Weight Watchers. My article talks about some of those reasons.
Weight Watchers sets forth some good health guidelines to go by while you are losing your weight. My article says what these are.
Weight Watchers is an excellent organization that helps many people achieve weight loss. This article talks about why you should join. if you need weight help.
There are several ways you can eat a healthy breakfast while following the Weight Watchers plan. My article gives a few suggestions!
Weight Watchers has a list of power foods or filling foods that will help you stay satisfied on plan so you don't feel deprived. My article talks about what some of these foods are.
This article talks about how to shop for groceries when you are following the Weight Watchers diet plan. You'll need to stock the right foods in your house to be successful.
There are several ways you may cook easy meals on your Weight Watchers meals plan and it doesn't have to be complicated as my article says.
You can snack and lose weight too! Don't let anyone tell you there is no such thing as snacking on a diet as you can do it!
Jan Karon is the author of the well-known Mitford series books. This is a brief story of her life.
"In a Can of Peas," by Traci Depree is the first book of a series about a family in the business of farming.
The Dorsetville Series continues here with "A Gathering of Angels," as the church is restored miraculously, but other characters in the book have their trials and tribulations.
Joan Bauer is an author that writes books for the young adult age group. Her writing takes a humorous approach as she touches on subjects that are relevant to teens. Joan's books have been quite successful, and she has earned numerous awards for them.
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