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I can say that I am old-fashioned in some ways and I am proud of it. I strongly believe in the power of mind. I am simple yet complicated and weird in some ways. I am opposotive, specially when it com
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Why is it that most people if not always, often blame the government whatever crisis they face in their lives? I think it's better to face the mirror and ask yourself what did you do wrong, isn't it?
Have you ever tried looking for something and it takes you time to find it? That will probably test your patience. This is a short review of a computer game I recently played. Take a look.
The only constant in the world is change. But it is just so hard to do. Can people change without anyone pushing them around?
How would you feel if you shared an idea to a friend and he or she copied it? Why business is often the victim?
Valentine's day is the day when we share or give love. But it can also be the day when we encounter the different faces of love.
What will happen if this happens in reality or maybe is actually happening. Check out the role of media in the lives of public figures.
This is my opinion about the movie hot tub time machine including a short summary of it.
This is about a story of a person that made me think of the situation of the youth. It also includes my opinion about the topic.
This is about a very strange dream that I dreamed about few weeks ago.
It is about the movie Knight and Day starring, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.
This page is a short review about the movie "Kick-Ass". I also wrote my opinion about some of the actors present in this movie.
This essay is all about my experience with a foreign child who stayed with us for eight months.
I wrote this poem when I did something I thought I will get an appreciation.
It often consist of short poetry that I usually write whenever I feel in love, sad, angry etc.
It is about the movie "The Ugly Truth". I made a review and I also wrote my own opinion about the differences of men and women.
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