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A college student studying Psychology, Sociology, Physical Education and English Literature and Language. An avid fantasy writer and reader, hoping to have a novel published someday. I generally write health or how to articles along with article relating to my studies.
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A list and explanation of some of the best ways to use your writing talent to make money.
A list of the most important items of clothing and exercise kit you'll need to get the most out of your current workout or advance to the next level.
With so many theories springing up about the best ways to lose weight it cn be difficult to determine which are true and which are nonsense. This article reveals some of the most commonly believed myths for what they are, using a combination of fact and simple logic.
With a variety of ways to turn your artistic talent into an earning path, this article lists and describes some of the easiest and most profitable methods.
In some of China's many fur farms, animals are brutally skinned alive in order to get a "cleaner cut". Please read this article and help bring this to an end NOW.
For any budding authors, this is the guide to taking that great idea that won't leave you alone, and turning it into a literary masterpiece in four simple steps.
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