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Debra Marie
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After working as a reference librarian for years, I find myself researching and writing about a wide range of subjects--whatever is helpful, interesting or entertaining.
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Fort Cooper is now a state park. The railroad has become Withlacoochee state trail. The town's biggest hotel is an assisted living facility. The people ofInverness have always changed with the times.
Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Gordon Ramsay may think they eat in the best restaurants, but what do the sanitary inspections report?
Gresham, producer of the Narnia movies, was inspired by his adoptive father C.S. Lewis.
Fruitland Park, a small Florida city that boasts a state park, was the scene of various endeavors by its settlers, some more successful than others.
Lady Lake, Florida is a central Florida town with unique features and history. Its parks include Log Cabin Park and Heritage Park. Architectural styles that have been preserved are Folk Victorian, Mission Revival, Queen Anne, Italianate and Gothic.
The last space shuttle flight is scheduled for February 25, 2011. Endeavour will deliver parts to the International Space Station.
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