Jude Smith

Jude Smith
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I am an aspiring poet and a student. I'm still young and want to learn more by posting my poems here, so please read my work and leave me a comment : )
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Everyone has demons, and with those demons we are forced to live, My demons are not te same as yours but does that mean that they are not as important. To each person hell means a different thing.
Trying to describe the fall of everything good in mankind. Once that is dead all that is left is darkness and fear.
A woman's ghost watchs her family and friends bury her in the deart and feels herself fading away and as she watchs.
A woman is possessed by demons and dies in the end going to hell to live with the devil himself.
a tale from the perspective of a cannibal who throws the dead bodies of his victims in a dark well and leads a regular life in the daytime
A good friend of my best friend hug himself and she was the one who found him and took down his body. after that day she's been afraid of the dark. this poem is a dedication to her
our entire life is just an illusion. every joy or sorrow we have ever had is just a lie and when we die we realize that. So this poem asks the darkness to just hide those illusions and never let me see them in the first place, when the beautiful lies are taken away it won't be painful...
The story in the poem is pretty self explanatory.
A man trapped under the stress of his joyless life seeks thrill and refuge by forcing himself upon a pretty girl.
This is poem is about the split human nature. That every person is both the beauty and the beast. And we are the ones who inflict the most pain upon us.
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