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I write on Human Values, Humour, Poetry, Acrostic, Short Stories, Trivia, English Literature,.Google it to see !
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Lot of movies are getting released every year but only a few leave that indelible impression on your minds! It is pleasure to watch them for the excellent performance of the actors. My three all-time favourites are described below:
We all have heard (I was born months after his death) about Mahatma Gandhi and a few might have even had the fortune to see him in real life. The qualities and the life he led has always amazed me and made me wonder what is it that gave him so much strength to be what he is. Perhaps t...
Falling in Love, dreaming about your Idol is so much exhilarating and fun. It is alright as long it stays as a feeling of affection and admiration. When it turns into a crush or infatuation and starts affecting your life, it is time you did some introspection and sorted it out.
Children are the most wonderful creations of God! It is a pleasure to just watch them grow and see their acts of valour, love and affection performed in their own imitable innocent style. Especially if they are your Grand Children because you were too busy to notice your children grow...
The Blogging bug has caught on with everyone of late and we see a lot of action in the Blogosphere! The fight for getting seen by the search engines to increase their visitors and their page popularity is the prime activity of many Bloggers.
In continuation of my earlier post on SU-DO-KU I am writing this one on Magic Squares. It is said that the Great Genius in Mathematics, Sreenivasa Ramanujam began his exploits with Magic Squares and went on to become the greatest Mathematician from India to be compared with the likes ...
All of us are attracted by Games of Puzzle but shy away from them, either because they are too difficult to solve or very demanding in their requirement of knowledge spectrum be it technical or Vocabulary. Once we get the hang of it the enjoyment we get is enormous.
Navarathri, a traditional festival of religious Hindus, is celebrated to praise the Triumph of Good over Evil! The festival is observed over 9 days and culmimates with "Vijayadasami", day. A very colourful and joyous celebration providing a feast for eyes!
With the rapid advancements in science and technology and the inroads made by Internet in everyone's life, things have begun to move in a rapid fashion. Gone are the days of patience and perseverance. Everyone wants a quick fix for all their needs.Here is my take on this in a bunch of...
Water, as it is abundantly available, as of now, does not get the respect and care that it richly deserves from us. With rapid destruction and fauna and flors of natural resources like Forests water is in grave danger of facing extinction.
Nature paints breathtaking scenes of beauty with Green Fields, blue skies and bewitching Twilight. The least we can do is to refrain from encroaching upon the Fauna and Flora and let our children also enjoy this gift.
The seniors in a family are a treasure cove! They have such invaluable experience and knowledge that the younger ones can gain invaluable guidance for making their lives very happy. Unfortunately they are neglected and ill treated thereby losing a godsend chance to benefit from their...
In these days of severe competition in every sport it is virtually impossible to predict the outcome of any sport, even by seasoned critics. However the pattern of seedings in US Open Tennis 2011, Top Four, was picture perfect!
Feticide or Foeticide (British) has been the bane of third world countries, especially the poorer nations, where thousands of female children were either abandoned or done away with. This only shows the ugly side of humans that cannot appreciate the value or gift of God.
It is a pity that poverty forces destitute mothers into abandoning their child as they are ill equipped to care for them. Nature has its own way of circumventing this and make the miraculous re-union possible! Here is my short story on this theme.
While it is hard to get a proper employment befitting your qualification and experience, it is equally difficult for an employer to retain an existing employee from quitting his job. Proper understanding of the employees' needs and installing adequate systems and procedure for prompt...
All of us have read several poems I am sure. When the poems are narrated with lively gestures and descriptions they stay in our minds for ever. I would like to share my memories of my teacher narrating the favourite poem "Daffodils"
Mother always holds a very sacred place in our hearts. She is the embodiment of Love, Affection,Sacrifice and Care.
Acrostics is so much fun. It is really amazing to see how a small set of words made out of the alphabets comprising a word can bring out so much depth and meaning to the word. I sometimes wonder whether the english language has some mystic quality whereby "words" really carry some pow...
It is true technology has grown many folds rapidly but has it really benefited the mankind is a mute question. New discoveries adding to the luxury and comforts of a privileged few is of no value to the society on the whole. It is the enduring benefit that flows to the society in gene...
"Modesty", a great virtue, not seen usually. Especially the educated and resourceful individual often acts with some ego or "I know all" attitude we wish a little modesty would have made them great a person . Now read this acrostic story:
Father always take the cake when it comes to showing affection for a daughter! The child simply adores him. Here is my take on this as a Poem.
We usually fritter away the advantages of brilliant mind,qualifications etc by our show of arrogance. A little humility on our part could have made a difference to the battles we lost by acting self-righteously.
Haikus are so very suited for writing on Nature, Beauty and emotions that they simply exude the essence.
Haikus are power packed lines of 17 syllables following Japanese Techniques. There are several forms of them but the popular ones in English have 10 to 17 syllables. It is so powerful that it can carry a message in as little as 3 lines! My Take on "Feelings" in Haiku.
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