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Hello everyone, this exquisite writer hails from the sleepy town of Merrillville, IN. I'll be focusing on dating & relationships, video games, technology, family and psychology.
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Maybe the PS3 wasn't such a good idea, Sony should've just stuck to the PS2 and more games for it.
Kids bullying kids, adults bullying other adults; I mean, what the hell is wrong with people?
Could the deadliest disease to all humankind be wiped out for good?
True Stories can be a way of conveying a message, observe.
Ben 10 Omniverse is okay in small doses but leaves a lot to be desired.
This season's Power Rangers could be the best since Power Rangers S.P.D.
Buying the PS4 in the coming months could be the biggest money wasting mistake that you can ever make.
Volunteering means insight into a workplace and later employment.
Making money online, is it better and reliable or it is waste of time.
If you're not walking or hiking at some point to get where you're going, you're not living life.
Fortune telling can provide insight into things that might or might not happen.
Parapsychology isn't a hot topic but a way of life for those seeking answers to the unknown.
Divorce is taking the easy way out, why not just work it out besides, you're already married.
Poetry is an extraordinary form of expression that allows people to speak from the heart and soul.
Racing games are a keen reason to catch up on sleep.
Rock music is still music no matter what form it comes in.
Food Reviews means the difference between a good meal and great meal.
Athens is a beautiful place that was once a metropolis which was home to many greek giants.
Moving Home can be a lifesaver to some but a pain in the butt to others.
Columns & Opinions go hand in hand like a horse and cart.
Trains are a great way to travel and it'll save you quite a bit of money vs. if you were to take a greyhound.
World News can be both misleading and exaggerated but will tell you the news.
Classical Music is an age old sound that has a very unique rhythm to it that has a lot of historical significance.
Money Saving Tips can provide you extra money to do with as you please.
Daily Life can be all but mundane, but using your natural talents are the key to escape.
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