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Im an Optimistic writings looks the same. I love to write about cooking and E-commerce .
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Selling goods or products by means of the internet service provider is an e-shop also called as online shopping.The e-shop needs a webpage in which the goods are advertised for sale and provides a means for the shopper to make the purchase. The infrastructure of an e-shop can be very...
Lord Nataraja plays a cosmic dance with His Lord Sakthi devi in Chidambaram(Thillai).Southern india is famous for historic temples,framed and created by Chola and Pandia Kings.Literary evidence shows that Lord Nataraja bronze was a Pallava innovation(7th to mid-9th century),rather th...
An interesting story. Most of you all heard this kind of stories in your childhood.
BCG Matrix originally developed by Boston Consulting Group,which is a growth share matrix postulates the organisation in each business units.
Paypal is a trust worthy online business transaction site. Anybody can get paid from anywhere in the world by opening an account.
Global Test Market is an online survey providing site, that pays people to take surveys from various participating companies.
The sucess of an online business depends on the way its website has been created.Here there are some techniques to design a good website.
Samsung GALAXY y(young)GT-S5360 is an Android based smartphone from Samsung ,having some multimedia features.
Idly Chilli Powder can also called as milagaipodi, karapodi,idlipodi in south india. It is a mandatory item in each one of the south indian homes. This idli chilli powder is prepared in a large quantity and kept in an air-tight box.
A Computer Network is a collection of computers and terminal devices connected together by a communication system. A computer network must include more than one computer system ,otherwise it is an ordinary on-line system.
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