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I love to explore world around me.
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It struck to me yesterday when I saw a post on social networking site, that life is not always monotonous, its us who deliberately make it boring or vice versa.
I often think that how many people are there in this world who get up every morning to do work which give them happiness. All of us chase life throughout our lives. This whole concept of living a life is nothing but an imaginative conception, d...
Writing doesn't comes out as writing until it is being read by someone.this article is a small gesture to thank and appritiate those who took efforts to read and comment.
There are times when you are in midst of important phase of life and you need the best of advice and support,but you don't know where to go or how to get. This article may help you in clearing your thoughts.these are a few ways to try:
This poem is an expression of love and gratitude for a husband.
This article may force you to think bad about me but I have decided to clear my mind .
This is a true confession of a girl who loves her grandmother very much and cares about her.
This article is about the side effects of love after some good years of togetherness.
This page is about getting educated at any point of age.specially for woman who are homemakers but aware of their individuality.
This is about my only dream which i see even with my open eyes.actually it is my utmost desire from ages.
Recently my daughter insisted me to write something in her autograph notebook.I was reluctant as I wanted to write the truth about our relationship.I didn't write anything till today but I want to share it here.
Do you remember Charlie Chaplin.An awerage looking common man who could make anybody laugh by his presence only,now just think about standup artists of today.Can you make out the difference between these. Its very simple.Chaplin never said anything that was below standard and today's ...
Money is always considered as an important thing for humans.from the very begining this has been the essential aspect for human development.No doubt we can not think of any advancement or improvement without money.
Man is the most amazing creature on this earth who is never satisfied and always wants more.This dissatisfaction has led us to a point where the natural beauty of earth has been destroyed by the brains as intelligence is the faculty of making artificial objects,specially tools to make...
We have gasped the mystery of atom and rejected the sermon of the mount.Martin Luther king jr has said"we may have all come on different ships,but we are on the same boat now".
Every kid has a dream. no matter how small is he or she but dreams are big and decided.although only some are fortunate enough to chase and fulfill their dream.
Humans are incredible.they live a complete life of joy and sadness,good and bad,in pinks of health and sickness. But the most difficult part of this amazing journey is eldery stage.
After the invention of television a new world of entertainment emerged before the world and it changed everything.television and cinema have become the life line of people around the we can not even think of a day without tv
Man is the most amazing creation of god on this earth.what ever we see around is made by god.the phenomena of creation of an embryo in womb is incredible
When i was a child i was fond of my parents as every child would but when i stepped into my teens it was like a constant tussel between me and my parents.That seemed a difficult phase of life. Today years later i have understood the real essence behind this simple word.Pare...
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