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Violet Ivy
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Elite, international escort and author. Sex & fetish stories, advice and adventures shared.
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As the world’s purse strings tighten mothers are seeking alternate means of supporting families and paying the mortgage.
Many fetishes exist. I am going to explore babyism or infantilism. Where adults regress to the behaviors of babies during sexual role-play. Sound odd? No more unusual than being strung up and belted or dressed as a maid and having your head shoved down a toilet. I've done them all!
Somewhere in the ole town tonight you know there’s a boob loose looking for some attention. There may even be a few. Hence the word titillating comes to mind. It’s impossible to ignore them once they’re out on the prowl. And these naughty things love to escape their confines. Be...
Yes there is a fine line. And yes, some friends cross it. It can happen during a drunken night between house mates. Waking up the next morning. Sneaking off to manage the walk-of-shame only as far as their shared lounge room allows. Maybe two people who have been friends for years fin...
Come on now, do you actually think your new girlfriend has just been born wonderful and willing before you? Can you actually kid yourself into believing that this is the first time your man has used his tongue that way? Sorry, you simply can’t be the only ‘schmoopie pie’ he’s ...
Simply put, men usually take a shorter time to heat-up, grow erect, get ready for sex, (in fact they are almost always ready for sex or at least friction), than we women. It’s just a simple fact of life. So how do we heat him up without making him go over the boil?
Let me set the scene: You’re sitting across from someone you had hoped might be Mr or Ms Right, or at least Mr or Ms ‘Right Now’, trying desperately not to thrust the tines of your fork into your right temple in an attempt to feel something. It doesn’t matter whether your dat...
Want to write a 'how to' book but don't know where to start? It's all here is simple to follow point form. Sticks I've used to write three published books and counting.
Step by step guide including advice and pitfalls of being or hiring a ghostwriter.
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