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A movie, literature and photography lover who has two beautiful kids and is fond of reading and writing. Internet writing has changed my life!
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Animation is considered by many people as just a kids’ matter. But is it really?
This is a true story between my brother and my niece; although not many people believe it.
When I first went to England I didn’t know anything about Bath. I was attending English classes with a group of friends and our teacher so we only had the weekends free to go sightseeing. On one of those weekends my teacher suggested visiting Bath and there we went. It was a great s...
It's hard to write poetry in a second language. This is one of my attempts to write poetry in English! Please leave your feedback! thanks.
Can people be taught how to write or they must be born talented? Here you have what I think and the tips I find helpful when I lack of inspiration.
There are useful things you should know if you're thinking about visiting Buenos Aires for the first time. Here you have basic information you must never take for granted.
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