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I am currently studying an MA in English Literature at Durham University. My writing will mainly focus on travel around India and England.
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Recent pages by Thirthankar

This is an essay describing the authors' preeminent role throughout Edward Albee's often read drama, "The Zoo Story".
This is a fluid discussion about some of the trends and characteristics of modern poetry.
This is a poem in erratic metre and unique rhyme that I wrote during an evensong at Durham Cathedral.
I had written this essay as an example of comparison for my students of English.
I wrote this little poem during my trip to the Lakes a few days back.
Here's an after-party event narrated in first person by someone utterly disgusted of women and morally inimical to sex
This is a poem that I had written to my girl friend on her birthday -
Here's a short story about a guy who realizes the absurdity of existence and dies within hours of his realization -
This is one my childhood experiences back in India with my wobbly legs that could hardly take in a "bhoo!" without collapsing.
I had written this little poem way back as a kid in school to convince one of my girlfriends to go out with me -
Here's a poem that I had written as I watched the sun set over the western ghats while traveling by train to Kolkata -
This is the narrative of a class trip covering some of the hidden nooks and beauties of india -
This is a little poem I wrote while traveling on the Howrah Mail from Madras to Calcutta.
This is one of those improvised childhood memories that still linger even as you grow old
I had written this poem on a particularly stormy night after the devastation caused by the Tsunami in India -
A trip to one of the most beautiful and spiritually uplifting places in the world - Gangaikondacholapuram, amongst the central hubs of Indian art, culture, and religion.
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