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I am a junior Computer Science major at SUNY Binghamton. I love to read, play sports and play video games. Most of my writing explains injustices about certain topics.
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Recent pages by Stanley

This is a quick overview of what e-mail is, the people responsible for its creation, and it hold on people in modern times.
This sample covers the basic details about Jazz, and goes in depth about one of its most well known icons, Miles Davis.
I decided to write about this topic because it hit close to home. While social networking may have its good side, its dark side is what we should worry about. Many people are able to humiliate, attack or degrade other over the internet using Myspace or Facebook. In this case, there i...
This Reading is an overview of Software Piracy, and how it leads to possibility of inferior products. Peer to Peer sharing is causing massive cuts on companies profits, but is it justified?
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