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I am an average knowleageable person with interests on science, technology, philosophy and comparative religion. I could write well on aeronautical subjects as a former aircraft mechanic.
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Live your life like a bread, in between there’s the fill
A reflection gained in boarding life's trains, the diversion the mind gets on the journey and what is left of the traveller at the end of the trip.
Has the government proven its worth to deliver the services as needed?
We live our life knowing our manufacturing date but the expiration remains open; it doesn’t mean however that we have forever.
We are all natural time travellers, by natural, we do it the old fashioned way and it's always like a journey through time in eternity.
A walk at the beach could stir in our thinking the way of life in the past and what happened to those who came before us. Here I have sorted out a poetry inspired by the sands from the beach.
Some thoughts on politics as politicians do it, just a simple poetry with the common elements of politics as what the writer see today.
Most of us thought we could have the solution from the outside but we took for granted what comes from within, Ourselves. So the fate of the entire planet as we knew it had been left at the mercy of our own mood swings.
We usually get embarrassed with the concerted pressures we met in our everyday life but pondering things beyond, you will be amused to realize that they have a natural way of patching things out so that we aren't caught in the mess forever.
Thinking of possibilities if one human being could direct his course of actions in such a way as to make the most of his lifetime.
Life is always one grand journey for each and every one of us and we could have all the time in the world opting for an alternate route until we get into a dead end.
It was perhaps a wise decision for Nokia Corporation to leave Nokia as its manufacturing headquarters to allow the place to gain back her name as a town, not the phone brand.
ABBA used to be among the most successful musical bands of the early 70's to the early 80's, here are 12 facts about their singing career and eventual disbandment
An insight on getting full meaning out of life by going through most of our fears, alone.
Some tips for betting and winning on the UK National Lottery or any lottery games
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